11 Things You Need to Know About ‘Moneyheist’ Before You Call Yourself Its Biggest Supporter

fact about Moneyheist

Did you know that The Bank Of Spain has a gold vault? Did you know that thieves used the show’s inspiration to attempt similar robberies elsewhere? You may not have known that the show was unsuccessful before Netflix bought it and made it available worldwide.

These 13 facts are essential for anyone who calls themselves a Money Heist enthusiast. These facts will blow your mind.

It was a failure in Spain. After the second season, it was cancelled. Before it was available on Netflix, the show in Spain by Antena 3 was in May 2017. The show’s first episode received 4.5 million views. Gradually, viewers began to drop. It was so low that the show had to be cancelled. It was a failure until Netflix bought its rights. It became a worldwide phenomenon after Netflix picked it up. Netflix cut the 15-episode series into 22 shorter episodes. The show was so popular that Netflix decided to cut it into 22 episodes.

This show inspired real-life robberies.

While robbers have been seen in Europe, robbers in North America were spotted singing Bella Ciao and wearing Dali masks while robbing billions of dollars.

In December 2020, for example, a group of robbers dressed in Dali masks pounced on cash on the streets and Criciuma (Brazil) streets. The two-hour-long burglary was completed by the robbers who used scattering cash on the streets to escape.

The Bank of Spain’s entry was as natural and convincing as it could be.

The series shows the gold vault. In the event of a breach, it floods with water. It is part of the Bank of Spain’s real-life security system. The show’s creators hired a marine engineer to design an antechamber capable of addressing the defence mechanism. It is more complex than the one shown in the series to break into the Bank of Spain vault.

Nairobi was not in the original script.

Many people wept when the character died. Many people sobbed when the character died. Imagine the show without this strong, fearless and motivating woman. The script’s initial stage included Nairobi. Alex Pina realized that Tokyo was the only female character. He called Alba Flores to discuss the possibility. They had previously worked together in Locked Up. The script for the two-season series was appealing to her, and so, Nairobi was created.

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