70 eggs, 2 litres of milk: The Great Khali’s Giant Diet Maintains His Physique

the great khali

The Great Khali, Dilip Singh Rana, has overcome every obstacle in his remarkable journey from a small village in Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur to the WWE arena, becoming the first Indian to do it. And, like with every other athlete’s life, nutrition has played an essential part in defining his career. But, if you believe Khali maintains a rigorous diet with no space for enjoyable food, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. While Khali follows a strict diet to preserve his massive body, there are times when he enjoys juicy chicken burgers or ‘tadke wali dal’ with rice dinners. But, still don’t trust us?

His newest marketing film for KFC, on the other hand, is a testament to his passion for chicken burgers. In addition, we saw his diet in the Bigg Boss 4 house during his presence. So, what does he eat?
— First and all, we all know that eggs are healthful, and Khali is one of them. Even after being out of the ring for an extended period, the wrestler still has approximately 60 to 70 eggs each day. Khali is reported to have eaten at least 15-20 eggs every meal of the day when he was younger, particularly at the outset of his wrestling career. And, despite his travels across the globe, Khali is an authentic desi at heart who enjoys cooking Indian food at home. He likes dal, rice, and sabzi, and in one of his interviews, he mentioned his fondness for Sarson ka saag and makke ki roti.

— Have you ever been caught between your want for chicken burgers and your desire to stay on track with your diet? While eating a burger, Khali had similar reservations. The wrestler enjoys his newfound passion, the “Double Down burger,” with just chicken and no bread. Khali’s diet also includes milk, which he allegedly drinks in quantities of at least 2 litres each day. Khali avoids bread and sweets and eats a well-balanced diet complete in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and healthy fats to keep his body in good shape. He also stays away from coffee, curd, and ice cream.

— However, Khali loves more than just eating. He’s also a talented chef who enjoys preparing Indian dishes for his family.

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