Healthy meals to put in your sargi thali for Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth Food

2021 Karwa Chauth: The Karwa Chauth countdown has begun. In less than three days, on October 24, married ladies who celebrate this festival would dress up in their traditional garb, apply gorgeous mehndi patterns on their palms, and fast from sunrise to moonrise without drinking a drop of water to pray for their husband’s long life. Many men observe this fast with their spouses nowadays to show their love for them. While the holiday preparations are in full gear, don’t forget to include some nutritious foods in your Sargi Thaali.

Sargi is usually cooked by the mother-in-law and consumed by the married ladies of the family who are fasting for Karwa Chauth in the early morning hours.

The pre-dawn meal that you have before begun the fast is known as sargi. It traditionally comprises all the goods your mother-in-law has given you. By putting healthy products in your Sargi Thali, you can give your day a healthful start. Palki Chopra, a dietician and weight-loss expert offers advice on what to include in your sargi thali.
Water made from coconuts

Start your day with detox water on an empty stomach, which will aid digestion and allow you to go through the rest of the day without feeling drained. This day calls for coconut water, which is an excellent cleansing drink. It will not only keep you hydrated while on a ‘nirjala’ fast, but it will also keep your electrolytes balanced.
nuts that have been soaked
For greater energy levels throughout the day, eat some soaked nuts, such as 5-6 almonds, 1-2 walnuts, 3-4 raisins, and so on. I recommend including soaked seeds such as pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, and others since they are high in nutrients and energy. Drinking them overnight will aid optimal nutritional absorption by breaking down the anti-nutrient phytates found in the seed skin.
Vegetables, whole grain flours, and curd

Sargi platters often contain seven, nine, or eleven different bite-sized culinary dishes. It comprises a carb-heavy breakfast meal such as parantha, cheela, or dosa. Using whole grain flours will make it more healthy. You may serve it with whatever vegetable you choose. Your sargi plate must also include curd.

filled roti or homemade paneer

This platter’s fiber components should keep you from bloating or acidity throughout the day. If you don’t want to eat the paratha, go for filled roti with curd or seasonal vegetables. Homemade paneer is a healthy choice because it is high in protein and will keep you satisfied for longer.
Fruits are another significant component of the thali, which are all fresh and in season. Include citrus fruits like pomegranate, orange, and pineapple in your diet to avoid being dehydrated throughout the day. Citrus fruits have a high water content, which can help compensate for hydration loss over the day.
Who should avoid tea and coffee?

Avoid drinking tea or coffee in the large since it can dehydrate you. A glass of milk, on the other hand, is recommended. You might also want to try a fresh fruit smoothie.

Halwa Sooji

Try a tablespoon of data or sooji halwa instead of hefty, sugar-laden sweets from the market. Because ‘pheniaan’ are deep-fried, who can substitute them with homemade sevai or roasted vermicelli?

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