How a healthy lifestyle can keep you happy

healthy lifestyle can keep you happy

According to recent research, eating more fruits and vegetables and keeping active may boost happiness levels.
Do you feel better on days when you’ve worked out and appropriately eaten vs days when you’ve stayed in bed watching Netflix and eating chips? There’s a purpose for it, and it turns out. Fruit and vegetable intake and exercise may boost happiness, according to new research conducted by the University of Kent and the University of Reading. Researchers were able to make a causal statement about the relationship between lifestyle and life satisfaction thanks to the findings published in the Journal of Happiness Studies. They also noted that the findings were consistent across income quartiles, region, education, and age groups.
“While there has previously been a positive connection between lifestyle and wellbeing, the current findings allow us to make a causal conclusion regarding the link between lifestyle and life satisfaction,” says the research, which used an instrumental variable method. For improved health and wellbeing and general pleasure, deferring gratification and exercising self-control is essential. There seems to be a gendered component as well. According to the research, physical exercise pleasures both men and women, but males seem to profit more from involvement than women.
Dr Adelina Gschwandtner (University of Kent’s School of Economics), Dr Sarah Jewell (University of Reading’s School of Economics), and Professor Uma Kambhampati (University of Reading’s School of Economics) performed the research.
Dr Gschwandtner said in an essay on the University of Kent’s website, “To sustain a healthy lifestyle, behavioural nudges that assist the planning self in reinforcing long-term goals are likely to be particularly beneficial. It’s a clear win-win scenario if a better lifestyle not only makes us healthier but also happier.” Professor Kambhampati shares her sentiments, pointing out on the same website that there has been a trend toward healthier lifestyle choices in recent years. “It’s a huge step forward to prove that eating more fruits and veggies and exercise may boost happiness while also providing health advantages. This may also be helpful for environmental and sustainability policy initiatives, “she said

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