How to knot a tie perfect for any occasion

tie a tie knot

It appears that tying a tie knot is simple. However, after you try it, you’ll learn that tying a tie isn’t as straightforward. Do you want to know how to tie ties quickly and easily? We want to help you. Therefore in this blog, we’ll show you how to tie a tie to be the perfect gentleman with your suit at work or at a wedding. First, examine the images, then follow the instructions to perfect this technique.

How to tie a tie: the many tie knots

It would help if you first decided how you want to tie your tie before you begin. There are various ways to tie a tie, including the simple knot (which is, as you might expect, relatively simple), the double Windsor knot (a little more elegant), the Shelby or Pratt knot (which is similar to the Windsor knot but is smaller), and the knot Kent (small knot). Once you’ve decided the tie knot you want to make, we can get started.

A few knots:

The basic tie knot

The Windsor Double Tie Knot

The Pratt or Shelby Tie Knot

Kent’s Tie Knot

1. A basic tie knot

This knot is as straightforward as its name suggests. This is the knot to use if you want a tie knot that doesn’t require much effort.

a simple knot

Step 1: Tie the tie around your neck with the inner facing up (reverse side), the broad end on the right, and the short end on the left, and then cross the ends. The wide end should fall slightly above the navel in terms of length. 

Step 2: Place the broader end on top of the narrow end and secure it. 

Step 3: Holding the wide end, feed it through the hollow of the neck by passing it under the other end. 

Step 4: Insert the broad end inside the loop created in step 2. 

Step 5: Tighten the tie by pulling the broad end, and you’ve completed your easy knot.

2. The Windsor knot

The Windsor knot is a thicker knit with a confident appearance. As a result, it’s an excellent knot for critical meetings or presentations. The steps to tie a double Windsor knot are as follows:

Knot of Windsor

Step 1: Tie the tie around your neck—clean side up this time. On the right is the narrow end, and on the left is the wider end. After that, fold the minor end under the larger end. 

Step 2: Make a loop that passes through the neck opening with the broader end. 

Step 3: Lower the larger end. 

Step 4: Move the wide end to the left. 

Step 5: Pull the wide end through the opening at the neck. 

Step 6: On the left, release the broad side of the bow. 

Step 7: Finally, twist the more significant end over the smaller end. 

Step 8: Pull the broader end through the neck opening once more. 

Step 9: Pull the widest side of the loop through. 

Step 10: Congratulations, you now have a double Windsor knot!

3. Make a knot with Shelby or Pratt.

This is the knot to use if you want to tie your tie in a way that works with shirts with a slightly broader collar. The Shelby or Pratt knot has the following steps:

Step 1: Place the tie around your neck with the inside facing up. You cross the narrow end on the right over the wide end. 

Step 2 – Pull the wide end through the neck opening while holding the thin end. 

Step 3: Let the wide end come out to the right with the inside facing up. 

Step 4: Cross the wide end over the top to the left. 

Step 5: Pull the wide end of the scarf back through the neck opening. 

Step 6: Finally, go through the center knot with the wide end. 

Step 7: Your Shelby or Pratt knot should be complete.

Kent ties a knot

The Kent Knot is a smaller tie knot with a more relaxed, contemporary appearance. Look at how it’s done:

Small knot or Kent tie knot

Step 1: Tie your tie around your neck, neat side facing up to the right, the narrow end. Turn the inside of the wide end up so that just the clean side of the neck is visible. 

Step 2: Cross the narrow end across the more significant end. 

Step 3: Finally, slip the broad end of the tie over the narrow side, leaving the clean end visible. 

Step 4: Pull the wide end of the scarf through the neck loop. 

Step 5: and you’ve completed the Kent knot. Wasn’t it simple?

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