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India’s most haunted tourist destinations

India’s most haunted tourist destinations
India's most haunted tourist destinations

I’ve never been a big fan of ghost tales or scary movies. Most ghost thrillers appeal to my inherent dread of the supernatural, heightened by the gradual buildups, jump shocks, and spooky music that characterize them. I try to stay away from ghost tales as much as possible, whether they’re about evil spirits taking over an innocent person’s body or an angry ghost on a mission. The one benefit of a horror picture is that it does ultimately concluded. You can always switch off the television, endure a few restless nights, and go on. Visiting a haunted location, on the other hand, is a different thing. It would help if you were fully absorbed in the environment and adjust your reality to suit the surroundings. I know I’d be terrified and worried if I went to places like these, but if you’re a horror and ghost tale fan, here’s a complete list of the country’s scariest locations that are certainly not on my bucket list.



Bhangarh, located in Rajasthan and just a few hours from Delhi, is an abandoned city steeped in mythology and myth. Bhangarh was constructed during the Mughal period by Madho Singh, the son of a Mughal commander, and is considered one of India’s most haunted locations. According to legend, a Tantrik sage fell in love with Ratnavati, the city’s lovely princess. She had a plethora of suitors to chose from, and she dismissed the sage without hesitation. Enraged by his unrequited love, the sage placed a curse on the whole city, causing everyone to flee. The city’s temples are the only locations still safe to visit. This tale continues, and the town remains deserted to this day, despite being a famous tourist destination. After nightfall, most people are discouraged from staying.

Hotel Taj Palace

Hotel Taj Palace

The first image that comes to mind when you think of a haunted home is dilapidated bungalows and gloomy rooms. Even the most wealthy locations, though, may have a shady past. Jamsedji Tata constructed the Taj Palace hotel in Colaba, Mumbai, in 1903 after being refused entrance into the Watsons Hotel, which exclusively serviced the British. While the Taj Palace hotel has hosted many renowned visitors, including the Beatles and Barack and Michelle Obama, and is the pinnacle of elegance and style, it does have one flaw: its entrance faces away from the port. According to legend, WA Chambers, the architect contracted to finish the hotel, built it backward, and then leaped to death from its 5th story balcony after realizing his error. Many visitors and employees claim to have seen his spirit roaming about the hotel’s old wing, regretting his mistakes and even weeping at times. Even though he is believed to be a harmless ghost, you should always be alert if you visit the Taj Palace hotel.

Three Kings Church –

A traditional holiday in Goa consists of sun, sand, and sea, but if you’re interested in ghost tales, the three kings cathedral in Cansaulim, South Goa, is a must-see. The legend’s backstory is as ancient as time. Three monarchs formerly reigned over the church and its environs, but they became power-hungry and began battling amongst themselves, eventually resulting in their deaths. Their corpses were buried in the church, and residents think their ghosts are still roaming the grounds. Tourists who have visited the chapel in the nights have reported feeling this presence, and although no one has been hurt, this is a location I would avoid.

Dumas Beach –

Dumas Beach, located outside of Surat, Gujarat, is not your typical beach. While it’s a great place to visit during the day, it’s strictly forbidden after nightfall. The black-sand beach is an ancient Hindu burial site, and it is believed to be haunted by all the souls that never made it to the other side. The burial ground’s ash mingling may have produced the black sand with the beach’s sand. On the beach, many strange occurrences have been recorded, and several visitors who ventured out late at night have gone missing and never returned. Locals have seen white orbs traveling about the area, and a man was once discovered slain along the beach, adding to the legend. Dumas Beach, an unfortunate and eerie site, may be the most terrible and haunted location on the list so far.

Agrasen Ki Baoli –

Agrasen Ki Baoli

While there are many impressive structures in New Delhi, none are as eerie as Agrasen Ki Baoli, a well-known step well and historical monument with narrow steps going up to a well that was once filled with water but has since dried up. Tourists were said to sense a presence beckoning them into the water as they walked down the steps, enticing them to kill themselves. When other people approach the location, they hear footsteps behind them. Even though there is no admission fee, reports of suicide keep many people away. If you’re interested in paranormal activity, this is an exciting location to visit.

Though I doubt I’ll ever visit any of these locations for fear of eternal nightmares, these sites are guaranteed to make your hair stand on end for the brave and thrill-seekers out there!


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