Kriti Sanon has been appointed as a brand ambassador by Wonderchef

kriti sanon bollywood

Wonderchef has signed actress Kriti Sanon as a brand ambassador to represent the company. Wonderchef stated in an official statement that Sanon has started on this new adventure with the business to lead the company’s goal of creating a dynamic brand that focuses on health and innovation and a contemporary perspective. “Kriti embodies Wonderchef’s ideals as a health-conscious, forward-thinking, and modern brand,” says the company. Because of her flexibility, she can work across genres and regions, keeping with the company’s goal of reaching a larger audience across India. The brand, like Kriti, believes in need of growing constantly and developing newer, better appliances and cookware,” the company said.

In the words of Ravi Saxena, founder and managing director of Wonderchef, the company’s collaboration with Kriti will enhance the company’s efforts to raise greater awareness about healthy cuisine and to reach a broader demographic audience. “Choosing Kriti as our brand ambassador was a no-brainer for us because Wonderchef identifies with her as a self-made, independent woman who embodies a blend of contemporary and traditional values,” says the company. The vividness of her character and the agility with which she interacts with her audience makes her the perfect option for enhancing our brand positioning and positioning. He went on to say that she “brings elegance, global appeal, and a feminine touch to the brand.”
Saxena went on to say that Wonderchef is a brand that is both contemporary and innovative. “Our consumer is open-minded and believes in the equality of men and women. Our ad, in which Kriti collaborates with a friend to create delectable dishes utilizing Wonderchef equipment, further strengthens this positioning. When he makes a complete dinner, she even bestows the title of ‘Wonderchef’ on him,” he explains further. The TV commercial will be released concurrently across a variety of platforms, including digital. Besides an intensive print campaign, a strong presence throughout general merchandise, contemporary merchandise, and exclusive brand outlets is also being considered. Because of this, this new connection will be seen from every angle possible.

“In today’s sedentary society, it is important to consume nutritious foods, and Wonderchef not only makes it possible to prepare nutritious meals at home with little effort, but it also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the kitchen. The chance to represent the Wonderchef brand is a dream come true for me, and I look forward to promoting better eating habits as a member of the Wonderchef family,” Sanon said.

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