Meet Anupam Tripathi, an Indian actor who portrays a Pakistani character in the popular Korean drama “Squid Game.”

Anupam Tripathi

‘Squid Game,’ a Korean drama, has captivated viewers. Since it was published on a primary streaming site a few days ago, the program has garnered much attention.

Fans of ‘Squid Game’ are as enamored with actor Anupam Tripathi as with the show itself.
Although he was born in India, the 32-year-old actor now calls Seoul home. He came to Korea in 2010 after a friend suggested he apply for a scholarship at the Korea National University of Arts (KARTs), and his life has never been the same.
For a long time, Anupam Tripathi, a graduate of Korea National University of the Arts, has been pursuing his acting ambitions.
It’s interesting to see an Indian actor in the K-drama world, not just because he’s one of the few performers in the business who aren’t Korean.
After being born in India, Anupam had a long and challenging road to Korea, where he eventually settled down and built a successful life for himself.
Some reports claim that after moving to Korea, Tripathi had difficulties due to the country’s different cuisine and linguistic customs. Even yet, he remained firm and determined to pursue acting as a profession.

According to Yonhap News, he spent ten years in Korea as a student and a theatrical performer to endure every day.

Despite the displeasure of his family, he was able to successfully balance his career as a theatrical performer with his academic pursuits.
The following year, in 2014, he landed his first feature part in Ode to My Father, which became South Korea’s fourth-best earning film ever.
For a long time, he was courted for parts in which he would portray a migrant laborer. He never resented being ‘typecast’ but instead saw it as an opportunity to practice his Korean.
His career was transformed when he finally landed the part of a lifetime. The character he portrayed in Squid Game was a Pakistani immigrant working in the United States.
todayonline reports that Tripathi’s family is pleased with his achievement. He has one regret, and it’s that he won’t tell his father about it. When asked about his father’s reaction to his achievement, he said, “My dad would have been delighted to witness it, but he died in 2017.” (…) He was delighted if he had known.

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