These are the 5 best websites for learning free information

best free online courses

You can find hundreds of these on the Internet. You can find information on these web pages You can do almost anything. We will be writing a series of articles that will analyze the most valuable ones.

If we had to choose just five, these would be the stars of this article. We feel it is appropriate to give you an introduction to these powerful learning tools. These five pages will help us raise our education to levels that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

We have compiled a list of the top sites where you can learn free.

We have checked that they meet the following requirements to include them in the list Requirements:

  1. High quality content: All offer high-quality content and are supported by a large user community.
  2. Free: Although they may offer certain payment options, all of them provide their content free of charge.
  3. Well designed . We cannot accept poor or poorly designed designs. A visually appealing environment, a flawless and intuitive user interface, and a platform that keeps us motivated and engaged are all necessary for optimal learning.
  4. Interactive This may seem obvious, but pages still assign an overly passive role to users, despite the fact it being proven that active involvement of students is the best way to learn. Learning is done by doing, taking part, trying, failing, and repairing. It’s about reading, listening. but also writing, debating and solving problems, etc.

These are the five best places to learn free of charge

1. Coursera offers free courses to suit all tastes

As they say, Coursera’s mission is to provide universal access to the best education in the world and, in our opinion, they have more than succeeded.

You will find some of the top universities around the globe (Yale and Stanford), IESE, ESADE offering amazing free courses in the most diverse subjects (economics/business, literature, music).

Although the courses might have different formats and methods, they all offer high quality content, excellent pedagogical presentations and multimedia resources, and encourage active learning. You can find courses in English, Spanish and many other languages.

As a listener, you can access the content of many courses at no cost. However, if you wish to obtain a certificate, you will need to pay.

Coursera has also done an amazing job in creating what they call “The Coursera Experience. Specializations They group courses from the same subject in a series, arranged by difficulty, and culminating with a final project you must complete to complete the specialization. Each specialization offers a thorough study of a topic with a well-designed learning path to keep you interested. This specialization is in videogame design and creation At the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Currently they also have master’s degrees in all kinds of subjects, taught by prestigious universities.

2. EdX: Another great site to learn, but you don’t have to pay

EdX is very similar to Coursera, with great courses offered by universities like Harvard or MIT for free (or with a verified certificate for an affordable price).

Here you will find the so-called Coursera specializations instead of the Coursera. MicroMasters. These courses can be used to give you credits that will allow you to complete official masters programs at these universities. EdX also states that these courses are accepted by top companies like IBM, Adobe and Volvo.

3. Duolingo is the best website to learn languages free of charge

Duolingo This website has revolutionized language learning. This website is Free It is well-designed and motivating.

You also have many languages to choose. Whether you want to learn English , French or even Esperanto, Duolingo will not let you down.

With the help of the community, the courses are constantly being updated and expanded. However, they currently have an impressive level of variety. It is very attractively designed with a user-friendly interface and mechanics that are reminiscent of video games. Get hooked on learning.

You can also ask questions to the large community or search the forums if you have any other queries.

There has never been a better moment to learn languages. You don’t have to know English to learn languages.

4. Codecademy: Learn to code starting at day one

In recent times they keep telling us that everyone should learn to program.

There are a multitude of ways computers can be part of our lives, and all indications point to a growing role for them in the future. Virtually all professions have a digital component, whether it is in production, design, management, distribution or communication with customers and users.

Computer programming is here to stay, regardless of whether you want to increase your career prospects, design your website, or just to learn new things.

Codecademy (affiliate), makes it simple for you to learn different programming languages (HTML and CSS, Python, Java, Java, etc.). Interactive environment. Programming will begin from the very first moment And, of course for Free.

You will find the learning curve very easy, which will make it simple and enjoyable to start your journey. You can search for online resources later if you wish to continue your learning.

Codecademy Pro

How difficult is it to learn programming?

5. Khan Academy: The best place to learn math free of cost

The Khan Academy initiative was born modestly, yet ambitiously, from the imagination of Salman Khan with the goal of providing free, personalized learning for anyone anywhere in the world. In this wonderful conference, he explains it beautifully.

Khan Academy offers you the possibility to Learn Different subjects Free and at your pace It is, however, particularly for Mathematics. This was actually Salman Khan’s first goal in recording tutorials at home for his cousins.

Everybody who has encountered mathematics in their academic lives has felt the discomfort of not being able to remember something is supposed to know to move on.

So we saw ourselves as stumbling along with unresolved doubts, gaps, and situations that would eventually manifest at the most inopportune time.

This page can be used to refresh your math knowledge, no matter if you’re in high school or college, for personal satisfaction, or to help your kids with homework. The best.

In recent years, the web has evolved and improved tremendously. It offers a wealth of information and practice opportunities. There is no excuse for not knowing how to make an integral (or a simple square root ).

Khan Academy, without a doubt, is a great place to learn for free.

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