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Trump is planning the launch of a new social media site
Donald Trump Social Media

Trump is planning the launch of a new social media site President Donald Trump of the United States has announced intentions to create TRUTH Social, a new social networking platform.

He said that the platform would “fight up to big tech’s dictatorship,” accusing them of suppressing alternative views in the United States.

Mr. Trump’s campaign for the White House relied heavily on social media, and it was his preferred mode of contact as president.

However, after his followers stormed the US Capitol, Mr. Trump was banned from Twitter and suspended from Facebook.

Throughout Mr. Trump’s administration, social media companies were under pressure to remove him, with his messages being criticized as disrespectful, provocative, or spreading blatant lies.

Some of his messages were deleted or labeled as false by Twitter and Facebook last year, including one in which he claimed Covid was “less deadly” than the flu.

After the January riots, which followed a speech in which he made false accusations of vote fraud, they decided to ban or suspend Mr. Trump.

In response to the rioting, Mr. Trump dubbed those at the Capitol “patriots.” He showed no evidence of recognizing the election results, causing Twitter and Facebook to decide that allowing him to use their platforms was too dangerous.

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